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hair growth news

Hair Growth News

The latest articles and research about hair regrowth or hair loss treatments.

hair growth products

Hair Growth Products

Hair growth products are the most popular option to treat hair loss. Some products are designed for preventing further hair loss and others are designed for promoting hair regrowth.

natural remedies for hair growth

Natural Remedies

Using natural sources to treat hair loss or thinning issues is much safer and causes fewer side effects. They are also are easier to find and use on a daily basis.

hair loss surgical procedures


Procedures include hair regrowth treatments mostly performed at a licensed doctor's office. Hair transplants and laser therapy are the most well-known treatments in this category.

more solutions

More Solutions

This category includes products that are not covered by other categories, from hair massagers which simulate hair regrowth to items such as Toppik that cover hair loss affected areas.

Hair Growth Treatments & Reviews