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In my early 20’s, I started noticing my hair slowly getting thinner. It wasn’t a major change, but it was something that I immediately saw whenever I brushed or touched my hair, especially around my crown.

To be honest, it freaked me out. I searched everywhere online for the possible causes of my hair loss hoping to find every available treatment out there. I tried almost everything I could get my hands on, from natural remedies and oils, to diet and treatments.

Throughout my ongoing fight against hair loss, I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone. A large number of women across the world experience the same difficulties and we were all hoping for the same thing: finding a hair regrowth solution that works.

I personally feel that hair is a key aspect of feeling beautiful and allows us to express our individuality.

I created this site because I’m still searching for that perfect solution for hair regrowth and I know I’m not alone. By providing a place where all women can share their experiences and review products, I hope that our community can help each other in many ways. When we work as a team, we can find remedies faster, provide each other support, and waste a lot less time.

This site,, lists the most popular hair regrowth and hair loss solutions available. People can provide comments and reviews, which I urge everyone to do. All reviews will be moderated for authenticity, in an attempt to prevent fake reviews from product manufacturers or competing businesses. My goal is to focus on honest opinions, and valuable advice from our community.