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Dec 202013

COMPLEXE 5 strengthens hair from the root while deeply cleansing the scalp and optimizing the effectiveness of René Furterer treatments.

complexe 5 scalp tonerThe Complexe 5 by Rene Furterer is a leave-in shampoo treatment to strengthen the scalp and hair follicles. I learned about this product from my sister. High-end hair clinics use the Rene Furterer Paris hair products for hair loss treatment and there are a bunch of positive reviews.

Sadly, each of their products is a bit on the expensive side. For instance, 33.8 ounces of the Rene Furterer Paris forticea stimulating shampoo costs a whopping $155 on Amazon. As a comparison, the same amount (33.8oz) of the Nioxin shampoo is priced at $30, which makes it an attractive buy.

A bit of the company background: Rene Furterer is actually a name of a French hair stylist. During his career, his main focus was to create a hair care product line based on natural ingredients. Since 1980, Rene furterer has been a part of the privately owned pharma company Pierre Fabre Lab and it continues the legacy of providing nature-based hair care solutions.

My Review on Rene Furterer Complexe 5

I personally own this product and my experience using complex 5 has been pleasant. Whenever I apply it on my scalp, the first thing I notice is a heating sensation. It’s not dramatic, but you can definitely feel it. The company states that this sensation is an indication that micro-circulation is properly activated in the roots of your hair.

Based on the furterer complexe 5 instructions, you are supposed to leave it in for five to ten minutes. For me, I usually leave it about 20 – 30 minutes (hoping the activation process lasts longer for hair follicle nourishment) before shampooing my hair. It’s a great reason to take a longer bath!

A couple of things I noticed about the Rene Furterer Complexe 5 product on my thin and fine hair:

  • Less oily at the roots and more volume: my scalp gets oily really fast. It’s easily noticeable if I don’t wash my hair daily. This product seems to keep my scalp less oily, without totally drying it out.
  • Possibly faster hair growth: I am not sure if it’s Complexe 5 that makes my hair grow faster or if it’s a combination of this and other products that I am currently using, but I have noticed that it’s growing quicker than normal.

Here, I included a demon video on  how to use the product to your scalp:

Rene Furterer hair products for thinning hair

Although Rene Furterer offers different hair care products, today’s focus is on the ones designed for thinning hair:

  • Rene Furterer forticea stimulating shampoo: The shampoo comes in different sizes from 8.45 oz (= 150 ml, costs about $22) to 33.8 oz (=1000 ml)
  • Complexe 5 serumRene Furterer hair loss product to nourish hair follicles
  • RF 80 concentrated serum: double patented formula to reverse female hair loss or excessive hair fallout
  • TRIPHASIC regenerating treatment: triple patented formula targeting hereditary thinning hair

Where to buy Rene Furtherer products

I bought mine at Amazon since the official company website only provides information. It’s easily found on other websites as well.



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