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Jul 302014

I sometimes feel that hair loss products are similar to fashion items. Just like clothing or any accessories, we are surrounded by numerous options starting from an affordable hair loss shampoo that costs about $4-5 to very upscale scalp tonic that is easily over $150 for a small bottle.

In this post, I introduce you to a high-end hair loss product that was briefly mentioned in a book I’ve been reading –  The hair product is called “Trichotherapy” by Philip Kingsley whose clientele include well-known celebrities such as Anna Wintour (Vogue Chief in Editor), Kate Winslet, and Ivana Trump.

What’s special about Philip Kingsley’s hair products?

Being the leading authority in trichology for decades, he has found a formula that works best for different hair types and textures. This post will focus on his new 3 step regimen of products called “Trichotehrapy”  specifically formulated for fine and thinning hair.

Introducing Trichotetherapy – The Ultimate Regimen for Fine and Thinning Hair

With over 60 years of Trichological experience, Philips finally introduced his own hair loss product line called Trichotetherapy. “I’ve been very busy working on something for the last 7 years and this is the most exciting and important launch I have ever had” he states.

philip kingsley trichotehrapy review

Philip Kingsley (widely known as a scalp expert) introduces a 3-step formula to stop to hair thinning.

Before I go into the Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy review, here is a bit of background information about him: Originally planning to be a doctor, Kingsley became more intrigued in hair care when visiting his uncle’s hair salon. He ultimately changed his career path to become a certified trichologist to be an expert in hair and scalp problems. His shop started in London in the 1960s and was followed by opening up locations in New York and other cities.

Trichotetherapy is composed of 3 hair care products and each item is designed to target different areas of your hair in order to prevent unwanted hair loss and provide increased hair volume for people suffering from hair loss.

Let’s talk about each product and how it helps with restoring lost hair.

STEP 1: Tricho Pro – Hair Nutrition Spray

What is it?

trichotherapy step 1 tricho pro spray for thinning hairTricho Pro is a spray designed to be used as the first step. The spray prevents hair thinning caused by external environmental sources such as dehydration, excessive heat exposure and daily weathering.

How does it work?

Tricho Pro nourishes and thickens each strand by penetrating the hair cuticle (outer layer). It contains antioxidants, UV filters, and plant proteins for deep moisture and strength.

Using the Tricho Pro spray, you are expected to notice visibly increased volume and hair density according to their official website.

STEP 2: Tricho 7 – Longer Hair Growth Phase

What is it?

Tricho 7 is a serum for your scalp created to provide the following 3 benefits:

  • It provides an ideal scalp environment for healthy and strong hair growth
  • When it touches the scalp, it stimulates the blood flow for each hair follicle to receive proper nutrition
  • It blocks DHT activities in your inner follicles, which is known as the main cause of hair loss for the majority of people

step 2 tricho 7 hair loss treatmentThe serum includes 7 carefully selected hair boosting ingredients that took many years of research to perfect the formula. Each ingredient is independently and harmoniously designed to work together to provide the above benefits.

Tricho 7 Ingredient list: Zinc Sulphate, Vitamin B6, Green Tea Extract,  Escalol, Methyl Nicotinate, Azelaic Acid, Piroctone Olamine

By providing a balanced scalp environment, the product prevents common hair loss causes such as inflammatory scalp, flakes/dryness, and age-related hair fallout.

Using the Tricho 7 Drop, you can expect the appearance of thicker hair, the website states. Also, consistent use of the serum helps keep the longer hair growth phase (also called the Anagen Phase) to the maximum time period, so that you have more full hair at any given moment.

STEP 3: Tricho Complex Vitamin – Hair Loss from Within

trichotherapy step 3 tricho copmlex vitaminsExperts agree that hair growth is closely related to daily nutrition. While topical hair products are great for keeping your hair and scalp environment healthy, you also need proper nutrition from the inside to provide maximum benefits.

According to Kingsley, hair is often the last destination to receive nutrition. So when he developed this solution, he carefully formulated the tablets to provide the extra nutrition your hair needs for optimal growth. The Tricho Complex vitamin includes amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals which he has perfected throughout his 60 years of trichological expertise.

Additionally, I found this YouTube video explaining about how the 3-step Trichotherapy system works in case you want to learn more about it:

Where to Buy Trichotherapy?

The Trichotherapy system by Kingsley is all about improving thinning hair and giving you thicker and fuller hair.

While you can buy each one separately (if you want to try out an individual product first), it is much cheaper to buy the Trichotherapy 3 step Regime set ($232 buying individual items separately vs. $169 as a set – Total $63 off).

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