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May 282014

A couple of days ago, I saw this YouTube video with a dog having the biggest dog-smile I have ever seen. When the owner was using a head massager spider on his head, the dog didn’t even move. He just stood there looking like the happiest dog in the world.

I was laughing because I also have the spider head massager at home and whenever I use it on my scalp, it feels so good! I literally just continue using it at least for 5-6 minutes sitting in one spot. I guess when it comes to a head massage, dogs and humans are the same.

Going back to the head massager topic: I decided to write an article about benefits of using a scalp massager for hair growth, as well as share some top scalp massage device recommendations.

What are the Benefits of a Head Massager?

Scalp Circulation: Massaging your scalp helps with better blood circulation. Most people who are suffering from hair loss is due to the lack of nutrition reaching the hair follicles in our bodies. The Derma Papilla is located at the bottom of the follicles and receives blood which includes essential minerals we need for the healthy hair growth.

Massaging your head using your fingers, hair brushes or even scalp massagers can give additional boost on blood circulation in the scalp and promote proper hair growth.

Relaxation and Stress Relief: Other benefits of a head massager include repairing stressed muscles and providing deep relaxation.

Best Affordable Head Massager Reviews

Head Massager Spider

scalp massagerThe hand held spider head scratcher is addictive. At first, it makes your head feel like something is crawling on your head. But after 10-15 seconds, you will want more and more of it. The spider-leg-looking wires have nibs at the end that wrap around the thin stainless wires, so you can move the scratcher around without worrying about leaving actual scratches or scars on your head.

This spider scalp massager is not going to give you the equivalent strength you get from other heavy duty massagers, but it will make your head feel really good and help to release any tension in your body.

Body Essentials Light and Massage Hairbrush

There are 2 built-in features about the Body Essentials Hair brush that makes them different from normal hairbrushes. The Body Essentials’ hair brush is specifically designed to stimulate hair growth by using LED laser lights and built-in electronic massaging functions.

Body Essentials Light and Massage Therapy HairbrushIt has 20 LED spots located around the edge of the brush to emit 660 nanometer lights onto your scalp. For massaging your scalp, the brush includes control buttons on the back, so you can turn it on and off with ease.

The company states that by using these LED light and massaging features, the hair brush will increase blood circulation to your hair follicles to give thicker and improved hair growth.

Have you used a scalp massager? Did you use it for hair growth or just for relaxation? Please share your story below.
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