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Nov 152014

Hairmax is a pioneer of home-use laser devices for hair regrowth. Featured in numerous TV shows (including Dr. Oz, NBC today and The Doctors), their laser combs are specifically designed to treat hair loss by promoting new hair growth and reducing hair shedding. There are number of other companies (Bosley, Power Grow, etc) offering similar laser-based solutions such as laser hair growth helmet, laser hair brush, and lasercombs from different brands.

In this Hairmax lasercomb review, we will focus on 3 lasercombs the company offers (Professional 12, Luxe 9, and Advanced 7) and how effective the devices are for preventing hair thinning or hair loss issues.

Brief Intro About HairMax:

First, let’s briefly highlight some facts about the company:

  • HairMax laser comb is the only FDA approved for at-home use laser device for “medical” uses
  • It is designed for both men and women
  • It is currently sold in over 160 countries
  • The Hairmax comb is created to treat Androgenetic Alopecia, the most common male and female hair loss pattern

Claimed Benefits of Hairmax Laser Comb for Hair Loss:

Before going into the Hairmax review, let’s talk about available methods for hair loss treatment. Generally, they can be divided into 5 different groups.

Available Hair Loss Treatments (Mild to Aggressive Scale):

  • Hair Vitamins and Shampoos (click here for vitamin and shampoo recommendations)
  • Essential Oil Scalp Massage (Popular hair growth essential oils: Rosemary, Emu, Coconut)
  • FDA Approved Solution: Minoxidil (for both men and women), Finerstraid (for men)
  • Laser Hair Therapy Treatment (Home-use: Laser Cap, Laser Comb, and Brush | Office Laser Therapy)
  • Hair Transplant (detailed article here)

Laser hair growth treatment is a much less invasive solution compared to surgical procedures such as hair transplants. Another great thing about laser hair loss treatments is that no pain or major side effects have been reported. The official website states that the Hairmax laser comb offers the following benefits to people suffering from hair loss:

  • Substantial decrease in hair shedding
  • Increasing thickness of existing or newly growing hair strands
  • Reawakening dormant follicles, thus stimulating new hair growth

Difference between Home vs. Office Laser Hair Growth Therapy

The biggest difference is the cost. The in-office laser therapy sessions easily cost around $2000 to $3000 each year. The laser machines doctors use in the office (ex: Revage 670 by Apira) provide much stronger lasers compared to ones that are designed for home-use.

However, there is good news: because of technological development and increasing competition, companies are coming up with hair laser combs that are cheaper and offer various settings and functions to make it more customizable for personal use.

Hairmax Laser Comb Reviews

Let’s start with photos. I found some photos featuring Before and After Lasercomb results from the Hairmax website:

hairmax laser comb result

hairmax laser comb female hair regrowth result

hairmax before and after photos

hairmax before and after photos

hairmax before and after photos

hairmax laser comb before and after photos


The official Hairmax website provides a large number of before and after photos and videos from actual users (see here). I individually checked each photo and have to say that there are some images showing dramatic improvement (hair regrowth in previously thinning spots). However, there were also other photos that didn’t show much improvements.

Based on the customer surveys from actual users, the hair max laser comb has a 93% success rate and is clinically proven to promote hair growth, grow thicker hair and stop hair shedding.

HairMax Offers 3 Different Laser Combs – Which One is Right for You?

Do Laser Combs work? All of the hair growth laser therapy devices, including HairMax Lasercombs, are designed to stimulate hair follicle growth. By targeting a low-level laser light to the balding areas on the scalp, it provides hair follicles energy they need to properly grow and to extend the active growth phase.

Hairmax currently offers 3 hair re-regrowth laser combs:

Brief Look:

 Advanced 7Lux 9Professional 12
hairmax lasercomb advanced 7hairmax lasercomb lux 9hairmax lasercomb professional 12
Laser Modules7912
Treatment Per Week333
Minutes Per Use15118

More Details:

Professional 12 Lasercomb

hairmax professional 12

Lux 9 Lasercomb

lasercombe lux 9

Advanced 7 Lasercomb

advanced 7 lasercomb
As you see in the above comparison chart, the biggest difference among those 3 models is the number of individual “modules”. Modules, also known as diodes, are where the laser light comes out of the device. The Advanced 7 includes 7 laser diodes while the Professional 12 has, you guessed it, 12 diodes attached to the comb. The more laser diodes, better it covers the scalp.

This also explains why using the Hairmax lasercomb Professional 12 only requires 8 minutes while the Advanced 7 requires 15 minutes of use on your head. But keep in mind that whatever model you decide to purchase, hair growth results will likely be the same. It’s just a different length of time for the treatment.

If you are evaluating laser comb reviews from different brands, Hairmax seems to be a safe choice based on what we have observed:

  • Only FDA approved “medical” laser comb for home use
  • Reputable brand that has been around for many years
  • Offers 3 hair laser combs to choose from based on your budget

NOTE: All of them come with a 5-month money back guarantee as well as 2 year warranty programs.


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