DIY: How to Make Hair Thickening Oil That Works

How to make hair thickening oil that works

We came across a story by a guy named Eric. He talks about DIY hair thickening oil that he uses daily for thicker and longer hair growth.

He claims that using this oil mixture works, because the oils in the recipe have properties of nourishing the scalp, increasing blood circulation, and giving essential nutrition to your hair follicles.

In addition, there’s no denying that his hair also looks amazingly lustrous!


Below, he shares why he picked each oil for hair growth:

Ingredients for thickening hair oil mix

  • 2 oz of almond oil (Oleic acid 68%- omega 9, iron, calcium, magnesium): Great for increasing blood flow to the scalp
  • 2 oz of castor oil (Ricinoleic acid 85%): Prevents premature greying
  • 1 oz of coconut oil (Lauric acid 45%): Strengthens hair, protects from UV sunlight
  • 1 oz of jojoba oil (Similar to sebum molecule structure): Anti-fungal, cleans scalp and pores, balances PH level, and prevents dandruff
  • 1 oz of emu oil (Oleic acid – omega 9, Linoleic acid – omega 6): Natural DHT blocker
  • 1 oz of vitamin E oil (natural anti oxidant): Keeping skin younger and healthier

If you want to use specific brands he used, here they are: almond, castor, coconut, jojoba, emu, and vitamin E


  1. Mix the ingredients in a pointy-tip applicator bottle (this mini measuring glass makes the process easier)
  2. Apply the thickening oil all over your head
  3. Leave it overnight
  4. Rinse it well next morning

How long?

There’s no end to this, but he mentions that he applied this thickening oil mix for several months and it has made his hair much thicker.

He only used it 2-3 times a week. He also says that his oil mix also has additional benefits of making his hair grow quickly.

He talks about how he regrew hair back in a different episode, which we share in detail here.