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hair growth recipe to reverse male pattern hair loss
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This recipe is from the hair loss success story here.

To make the story short, he first started by using Rogaine, the FDA approved topical hair regrowth treatment, in order to reverse male pattern hair loss.

While Rogaine partially worked to stimulate hair growth on the frontal region of his head, it wasn’t until he started doing micro-needling to his scalp that he started seeing great results.

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This is the step-by-step hair regrowth regime he used to induce new growth on his thinning hair:

how to reverse male pattern hair loss


  • Rogaine
  • Micro-needling device
  • Biotin supplement (see TOP 5)
  • Nizoral (optional)


  1. Apply Rogaine to the thinning area of the scalp 6 times a week.
  2. Use a derma roller or a derma pen once a week.
    Apply the derma pen onto the thinning hair spots by moving the pen from left to right and front to back (in various directions). This will take about 10 minutes. Also, do not apply Rogaine on the day you use the derma pen.
  3. Take Biotin supplement once a day.

How long to see results?

He says he first started with Rogaine in June 2018. But the real hair regrowth started when he started using a derma pen as an addition, which was January 2019 (6 months later).

He updated his final results in March 2019.

So while the whole process took him 9 months, he was able to see visible new hair growth after 2 months of derma rolling onto the scalp.

Here is the timeline:

  • June 2018: Rogaine only
  • Dec 2018: Added Biotin
  • Jan 2019: Started micro-needling his scalp (Expedited hair regrowth)
  • Mar 2019: Shared his hair regrowth success

NOTE: He does it before he goes to sleep.

Success Story - How He Reversed Typical Male Pattern Hair Loss