How to Make Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth – Eclipta Alba Recipe

  • Extends the growth phase
  • Elevates hair growth markers
  • Increases dermal thickness

This bhringraj hair growth oil recipe is based on a 2009 research study. The researchers note that by adding these 2 additional herbs with specific ratios directed in this recipe, it resulted the most significant hair growth activities.

To find out how bhringraj / eclipta alba helps with hair growth, read our detailed review here.

how to make bhringraj oil for hair growth how to use



  • Herb #1: Eclipta alba / bhringraj powder 40g
  • Herb #2: Hibiscus rose sinensis powder (Hawaiian hibiscus) 40g
  • Herb #3: Nardostachys jatamansi powder (spikenard) 20g
  • Coconut oil 100ml (100g)
  • Eclipta alba juice 400g

You can also buy bhringraj leaves instead and use an electric herb grinder to grind it into a powder.


  1. Mix all 3 herb powders (bhringraj, hibiscus rose sinensis, and nardostachys jatamansi) and add a little bit of juice to make a thick paste
  2. Heat coconut oil in a pot
  3. Once coconut oil melts, add the paste and mark the level
  4. Add the rest of the juice into the pot
  5. Heat it on medium until the liquid boils down to just above where you originally marked
How to Use Bhringraj for Hair Growth – Scientific Based Review