Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth Recipe – So Easy Yet REALLY Effective!


If you are trying to use jojoba oil for baldness and hair regrowth, this is the proven recipe used in the research study.

This jojoba oil hair loss treatment infused with peppermint essential oil resulted in VISIBLE new hair growth in JUST 2 WEEKS in mice.

jojoba oil for hair growth recipe


This oil mixture is based on 3% dilution ratio – the same ratio used by the hair growth research.

If you want to make it more potent by increasing the concentration, refer to this dilution chart.


  1. Mix them well into an amber glass bottle
  2. Apply the oil mix to the thinning area
  3. Massage the scalp, especially the thinning area, for good 5 to 10 minutes
  4. Use a shower cap and leave it overnight *
  5. Rinse it well next morning *

How long?

Apply the mixture for 6 days a week and continue for 4 weeks to see results


Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth – The ULTIMATE Guide

* The study doesn’t indicate how long the researchers left the oil mix on mice each day. The recommended duration is usually up to 2 hours. But we have also come across quite a number of people leaving the oil-based hair mask overnight. So leave it based on your preference.

If you have sensitive skin, do a quick skin patch test (by applying the oil mix to inner wrist or back of the knees and leave it for 24 hours to find out if there are any reactions) and talk to your phyisican first before using the formula.