Olive Oil Home Remedy Treatment for Dandruff Hair Loss

olive oil home remedy treatment for dandruff hair loss

If you are experiencing heavy hair fall due to dandruff, this preventative dandruff hair loss home remedy can help sooth itchy scalp and help regrow hair.

By using ths mixture of powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agents such as olive oil and tea tree oil, you will enjoy the benefit of stopping dandruff and hair loss.

best diy severe dandruff remedy to stop hair loss

Did you know you can also use olive oil for hair loss and dandruff prevention?

Use this olive oil hair mask recipe to stop dandruff related hair loss and regrow hair. The benefits of this dandruff hair mask include: Getting rid of dandruff and flaky skin, soothing an itchy scalp, and stopping premature hair loss



  1. Mix the ingredients into the bottle
  2. Apply onto your scalp using your finger tips
  3. Use a shower cap (or cordless deep conditioning heat cap) for faster absorption
  4. Leave it up to 1 hour
  5. Rinse your hair thoroughly


Apply the mixture onto the scalp 2-3 times a week for maximum benefit

How to use olive oil for hair growth