Quick & Easy – Lazy Girl’s Approach to Make Hair Growth Shampoo in Just 3 Minutes!


This homemade DIY shampoo recipe is rather simple, quick and super easy to make by taking a shortcut. All you need is a number of essential and carrier oils that are proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

quick easy diy shampoo for hair growth

If you want to make your own hair loss shampoo, yet not a big fan of the “everything from scratch” approach, you are not alone. Follow this simple guide to make your shampoo within 3 minutes!



  1. Combine all ingredients into the shampoo
  2. Mix them well
  3. Shampoo your hair daily
  4. Leave it at least for 5 minutes, so the essential oils in the shampoo can stimulate your scalp
  5. Rinse it well
How to use olive oil for hair growth