The INSANITY Hair Growth Recipe (the Ultimate Essential Oil Blend)

best essential oils for hair loss growth and thickness mix

While the Scottish research study was successful in reversing alopecia for a great number of participants, there are a couple of other essential and carrier oils you can actually add to make it extra powerful.

What are they? Peppermint essential oil and olive oil.

Both oils showed significant improvements in promoting new hair growth and stopping hair loss according to research studies. When it comes to using peppermint oil for hair growth for example, the result was shown as little as 2 weeks in mice!


essential oils and carrier oils for hair growth recipe


  • Extend the anagen phase (hair growth phase)
  • Prevent premature hair loss
  • Stimulate new hair growth
  • Increase hair thickness
  • Increase blood flow to the scalp



  1. Mix all oils together in a glass bottle
  2. Apply the hair growth oil mix to the entire scalp
  3. Massage it for 5-10 minutes with your fingers or automatic scalp massager
  4. (Optional) Wear a heat cap for full absorption of essential oil mix
  5. Leave it for 2-3 hours
  6. Rinse well

How long?

Apply the oil mix to the scalp every day for at least 3 months to see the results.

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