Use this supplement oil topically to stimulate hair growth (It’s NOT fish oil)

evening primrose oil on the scalp for hair growth

Did you know you can use one of the most popular dietary supplements for the purpose of encouraging new hair growth? So what is this oil you may ask? That’s right. It’s evening primrose oil.

Using evening primrose oil for hair loss: Evening primrose oil is packed with GLA (gamma linolenic acid) – an essential omega 6 fatty acid providing numerous health benefits in your body as well as stopping testosterone conversion to DHT, thus preventing pattern hair loss (think of diffused thinning).

A study shows that by applying EPO directly onto the scalp, you are basically providing a high concentration of GLA to the specific spot, which in turn encourages new hair growth.

evening primrose oil hair growth recipe


You can get supplements and split the softgel to extract the oil OR use this oil specifically made for topical application


  1. Start derma rolling the thinning area on the scalp
  2. Apply evening primrose oil to the thinning spot
  3. Massage it for 2-3 minutes at least
  4. Wipe off the excess oil
  5. Leave it for a couple of hours (You can also leave it overnight)

How long?

Continue 5 times a week for 4-8 weeks to see results

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss – Try This NEW Method