NOW Foods Hair Growth Biotin Review


Biotin plays an essential role in hair and skin's health. It's considered to be a must-take supplement for women experiencing hair loss

NOW Foods is a family-owned business that has been around over 40 years.  This review is for their Biotin supplements.

About the company

First, because their vitamins and supplements are usually cheaper than other competing brands, there are a lot of comments concerning about possible NOW supplements quality issues.

Here is the good news: The business has received numerous awards including GMP (Good manufacturing practice) certification and many others. The company emphasizes the fact that their primary goal is to provide high-quality health supplements at affordable prices.

This video clip features the company’s manufacturing facility and how NOW foods controls the quality of their supplements:

Best biotin supplement brands

Other than NOW supplements, there are other well-known companies offering Biotin vitamins. These 3 are some of the most popular companies in the category:

  • Country Life: Maxi Hair (our review here)
  • Natrol: Maximum strength (another affordable biotin brand with over 10000 reviews on Amazon)
  • Nature’s Bounty: Super potency biotin tablets

How effective is the NOW biotin vitamin for hair growth?

In general, Biotin is a part of the B-complex vitamin family. One of the main benefits of biotin supplements is the fact it nourishes hair follicles and helps with normal hair growth. People with thinning hair often take biotin specifically for healthier hair.

Review on NOW brand supplements: A majority of customers who purchased the product previously had issues with their hair (some of the problems include brittle hair, thinning on top and bald spots). Most of those people have noticed a difference in the strength of their hair after taking NOW Foods biotin for several months. Also, quite a number of women reported that they shed less hair after taking the supplement for a couple months.

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NOW Foods offers three different dosages for their biotin supplement lines:

All ingredients contained in each product are exactly the same. The only difference is the amount of biotin included in each one (Here is a list of NOW biotin ingredients: Biotin, Rice Flour, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silica). All of them come in veg capsules making it easier to swallow.

Where to buy NOW brand supplements?

The official website doesn’t sell their supplements directly (for information only), but you can find their products at other popular sites such as Amazon, iherb or

Check out NOW Biotin reviews on Amazon

Have you tried NOW biotin or any other brands? Share your experience below.

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