Toppik Reviews – How Well Does It Work for Thinning Hair?


Toppik is the fastest way to conceal thinning spot and adds instant fullness using natural keratin fibers.

Amazon reviews: 2200+

Toppik is one of the first brands that came up with a solution to hide both men’s and women’s thinning hair spots using hair-building fibers. Toppik is not a permanent solution for treating hair loss, but if your goal is to find products to thicken hair “temporarily”, this review is for you.

Hair Toppik reviews for people suffering from hair loss

In general, there are 4 different ways to cover thinning hair.

Long Term:

  • Pharmaceutical solutions (Minoxidil, Propecia) work for many people, but they take a long time to show results. Also, some hair loss medications come with side effects.
  • Hair loss thickening shampoos and supplements work for some people, but not for everyone

Quick Fix:

  • Wearing a wig – If hair loss is severe, a wig might be the best option
  • Using hair fibers to give the appearance of fuller hair – Using hair building fibers for thinning hair is a great way to get a visible results (This Toppik review belong to this category)

How does Toppik hair fattener work?

how does toppik workToppik hair building fibers are made of natural keratin (protein structures found in our hair strands).

When you sprinkle the fine fibers on your thinning or balding area, the keratin hair fibers binds to your existing hair strands (regardless how thin the strand is) and creates a natural volume for thicker and fuller looking hair instantly.

Main Ingredients

Keratin, Ammonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin.

Sizes and Colors

toppik colors
Toppik Available Colors

9 Toppik Colors: The Toppik hair fibers come in 9 different colors covering the majority of hair color pigments of different races and ages

  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black
  • Light brown
  • Medium blonde
  • Light blonde
  • Auburn
  • Gray
  • White

4 Different Sizes: Toppik offers 4 sizes to choose from

  • Giant 55g/1.94oz
  • Economy 27.5g/0.97oz
  • Regular 12g/0.42 oz
  • Travel Mini 3g/0.11oz

Highlights: Pros and cons of Toppik review


  • It completely covers up bald spots – Trying to conceal a thinning spot is often time consuming and makes us more self conscious (as women). The Toppik hair fiber powder provides a quick and easy way to hide it.
  • It gives natural looking hair – When you apply the hair building fibers on the scalp, the fibers naturally blend in with your existing strands.
  • Stays on your hair for a long time – Toppik hair fattener can stay intact for as long as two full days.
  • You can even sleep with it – Even though it’s not recommended, you can sleep with it in your hair without the hair Toppik fibers coming out on the pillow.
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  • It will take a little time to nail down the right fiber amount on your hair and distribute them evenly. But once you get used to it, it will get a lot easier. The company offers an accessory called a hairline optimizer to keep the powder from falling on other parts of your skin. Using the hairline optimizer (basically a small and irregular comb that fits on your scalp), it is designed to create a natural looking hairline.
  • Does not work for people with severe hair loss – Toppik hair fibers are good for people who are having moderate hair loss. If you don’t have enough hair for the fibers to adhere to, the fibers will look very unnatural.
  • Toppik Side Effects – there have been no major side effects reported on Toppik, but there are some reviews stating that if you apply it incorrectly, it simply won’t look right.

Toppik before and after pictures

Here are before and after photos of women with thinning hair from the official Toppik site. As you can see, the before photos show visible thinning areas on the scalp.

Where to buy Toppik hair building fibers to cover bald spot?

You can buy it from Amazon (of course), the official Toppik website, and other ecommerce sites.

Click Here to Read more Toppik reviews on Amazon

Does Toppik work for your thinning hair? Please share your experiences below.


  1. Toppik is the easy answer to thinning hair. I was very skeptical at first, but it was either this or wearing a wig. I am thin enough on the crown area to be able to see some scalp around the part, so I was willing to give it a try.

    It worked wonderfully, just like the ad said. All I did was sprinkle it on top of my hair (over the hairspray) where my scalp was showing, gently pat it down, and voila! No more thin areas. It’s not a permanent solution, but it does what it says.

    • I wonder….can you go swimming in a gym pool? Above it says it lasts 2 days, but it also says it’s better not to sleep with it on, so then it lasts only one day, doesn’t it? Thanx for response.

    • You need to order the special top that shoots it out of a long (1-1/2 inch) tube. It shoots it out SOOOO much finer and looks better! It is sold separate and is the greatest!

  2. It’s not hair, but it has saved my life. They make a [I call it] “poofer” that goes on the regular bottle (that has holes like salt and pepper shakers). This special top has a air bubble thing that you push down and it comes out like air — as opposed to possibly clumping in places. Until I got this – I couldn’t make it work that well. Now, it is an everyday thing. It takes just seconds to *poof* it where I need it.

    I also have some eyebrow powder that I dust onto my hairline. After all is on, I give it a hit with some hairspray — and I’m good until I wash it.

    Do no SCRATCH! It will come be all under your nails, lol. Again, a life saver.

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